Online Sessions

Given the current restrictions due to COVID-19 I am not offering personal meetings at the present time. However, in response to numerous requests, I have decided to offer on-line video calls via SKYPE and phone sessions.

I’ll be happy to wear something suitably minimalist & sexy of your choice and will have a selection of my ’toys’ to hand. I love dirty talk and will be happy to bare all of my charms for your pleasure, bringing myself off with whatever toy you’d like to see me use.

We’ll be able to see one another, so I’ll also have the pleasure of watching you wank yourself to a very sticky climax over me – horny!

The cost of a fifteen minute SKYPE video call is £60 – which needs to be paid in advance by on-line bank transfer.

If you do not have SKYPE software, it is free to download to your ‘phone/tablet/laptop and very easy to use.


How To Arrange An Online Skype Session

So, if you would like to arrange a SKYPE video call, e-mail me at initially with details of when you have in mind (date/time) and suggest what you’d like me to wear.

If you have any particular requests as to what you’d like to include please feel free to outline (briefly) your interests.

I will then respond to confirm the date / time and will provide my bank details so that you can make the required payment.

Looking forward to getting filthy with you on-line very soon!


How To Arrange A Phone Session

Phone sessions are also available, the cost for a 15 minute phone session is £40. To arrange a phone session, e-mail me at initially, make it clear you are requesting a phone session and I will send details.

Carly xx


Carly Escort Online Sessions